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The field of clinical nutrition is one of the fastest growing fields in health care.  With this rising interest in health and whole food science, people are looking for educated partners to guide them toward a well researched, nutritionally sound way of living.  Many licensed health care clinicians are in search of the essential education in this field to support their patients with their  health challenges, and of qualified and knowledgeable nutritional assistants to create a wellness environment in their clinics!  This course is designed to create that wellness environment for you!


The Applied Clinical Nutrition (ACN) is a 100-hour nutritional educational program sponsored by Standard Process of North Texas with a certificate awarded by Texas Chiropractic College or Parker University.  The ACN certificate (1) is offered to licensed health care professionals, their staff and chiropractic students. 


Participation will equip you with an essential education in the field of clinical nutrition in order to meet the growing health challenges faced by the modern licensed health care practitioner.  The variety of topics available will provide you with the education needed to:


  • Understand the physiology of many health disorders

  • Address these issues by supporting the body's own systems

  • Fundamental nutritional and herbal supportive recommendations

  • Healthy lifestyle choices

  • Purification for health and well-being

  • Understanding lab results

  • and much more!


These programs are totally self-paced with no deadline for completion at this time (2).  Simply complete the minimum of 100 hours based on qualifying seminars suitable for your schedule.  Upon completion, you will need to complete and submit a multiple-choice exam, after which you will receive an official certificate of completion from  Texas Chiropractic College or Parker University (1) to proudly display on your clinic wall.


(1) This is a Certificate of Completion of Study in Applied Clinical Nutrition and not a license to practice and is for educational purposes only.  Any staff should be under the guidance and training of the licensed professional.


(2) Program requirements are subject to change.

Tuition Information
ACN for Licensed Health Care Professionals

Pay Per Class = Pay for each seminar at the current tuition PLUS the CEU/Verification Voucher Fee, PLUS a one-time Fee of $200.00.

Tuition Information
ACN for Parker Students & Staff

Pay Per Class = Pay for each seminar at the current tuition for Students and Staff PLUS the CEU/Verification Voucher Fee, PLUS a one-time Fee of $100.00.

Notice:  Standard Process of North Texas sponsors seminars to provide healthcare information to practitioners and to provide them the opportunity to hear about the views, recommendations and experiences of other practitioners.  Standard Process of North Texas has not evaluated the legal status of any products, services or recommendations with respect to State or Federal laws, including scope of practice.  Standard Process does not and cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions or for any consequences from applications of the information provided and makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the information provided. Standard Process of North Texas reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any sponsored event without reason.



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